Why You Shouldn’t Use a Mobile Phone for your Business

//Why You Shouldn’t Use a Mobile Phone for your Business

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Mobile Phone for your Business

It seems like landlines are a thing of the past in most homes, but what about for your business phone service in Tampa? You may be considering or currently using your cell phone for your business phone needs in Tampa; it is convenient and comfortable since it is something we use every day, but is it a practical solution for your Tampa business phone needs?

A cell phone is far more susceptible to hacking than a landline. If you are using a mobile phone as a business phone, this puts you and your company at a huge risk; hackers will look for any information that can compromise you, your business, and your customers. You are also exposing your personal phone number to your customers, who will likely call you at all hours of the day. Once a customer has your personal number, you have made it extremely difficult to change your phone number, should the need arrive. With today’s technology, it is easier to maintain the same number, but this is still something to consider as your personal and business needs change.

The other major thing to consider, especially for medium and larger businesses, is quality control. If employees are all using cell phones for business calls, there is very little for you in the way of metrics and customer service. Landline phone systems enable accurate and specific tracking as well as recording calls to check for quality and training opportunities. You will also be unable to control what employees use the phones for. If they are given smart phones, chances are they will be using personal applications such as social media or banking that would leave themselves and your company vulnerable to cyber attacks.

When deciding whether or not a cell phone can fit all your business needs, it is important to realize how difficult it will be to change once you start. While a mobile phone offers more flexibility, a landline system offers security and peace of mind for your business and your customers.


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