Thanks to technology, your business phone service in Tampa can become more than just a hard line connection. Instead of the old model of having people tied to a desk answering or making calls, they can now do this anywhere. By upgrading your business phone service, your business in Tampa can become a truly mobile business that can conduct work remotely, anywhere at any time. More and more businesses are offering their employees the option to telecommute because of the numerous options and benefits it provides. So, maybe it’s time that you upgraded your business phone service for your business in Tampa. Check out the reasons why:

  1. The Cost

Think about the money saved by having a workforce that telecommutes. Instead of using up space for a desk or an office, you can use it for something else. Having your team work remotely saves you money on rent and utilities. Plus, it’s a more effective use of resources since you can better support your team.

  1. Increased Productivity

If your employees are able to work remotely, they can probably get more work done. This is because they have the flexibility to work around their own schedule. If they are able to work from home, they can get more things done without feeling like they spent their whole day at work. Chances are they will also want to keep that flexibility, so they will work hard to ensure they don’t lose it!

  1. Higher Employee Retention Rates

As just mentioned, working remotely increases productivity and helps boost morale. This in turn decreases your turnover rate because employees are more likely to remain. If they are happy with their flexible schedule, they will stay. Plus, they will feel much better knowing they don’t have to commute to work every day.

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