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Contrary to popular belief, bigger isn’t always better. When faced with the challenge of selecting a new business phone system for your small business in Tampa, it might be tempting to go with a large, complicated setup. But, you should definitely carefully consider your needs and whether something as small as a 4 line phone system is adequate for your needs. If your small business in Tampa doesn’t expect to or handle a lot of phone traffic, a 4 line business phone system might be perfect for your needs.

It might be tempting to go with a larger phone system because of the benefits that it might give. The interesting truth, however, is that the benefits that a large business phone system might offer to your small business in Tampa may be shared by a smaller, 4 line phone system. In truth, 4 lines may be all you need. Unless you anticipate hundreds of points of contact with your clients on a recurring basis, a smaller phone system might do the trick. In truth, for the average small business, the average contact between your employees and your customers is only going to last a few minutes, and the average customer will only contact you when they need to. Because of this, a 4 line phone system will often work out just fine for most small businesses.

One of the great things is that if you’re concerned about whether or not this kind of setup will work for you, a 4 line phone system is easily expandable and upgradeable. With a small system, the benefits are often the same as a larger system. Calls can come in through a universal office number and be directed through an automated system directly to the person or department that they’re looking for, making it easy for your customers to get to where they need to go. These small phone systems also offer the option for your customer to call a direct extension, bypassing the initial system in favor of going to an employee they’ve spoken to directly. Because of how these systems work, upgrading to a bigger amount of lines is as easy as adding a few new pieces of equipment and activating new extensions. A 4 line phone system is one that’s equipped to grow and change as your business does. If you need to make a change, consider thinking smaller instead of bigger.


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