Why Not Upgrading your Phone is Hurting your Business

//Why Not Upgrading your Phone is Hurting your Business

Why Not Upgrading your Phone is Hurting your Business

It seems like technology changes so fast that before we even have the latest and greatest thing, something else has taken its place. As a business owner, technology can be a huge, expensive investment that may not always seem worth it. You may be thinking to yourself that your Tampa business phone services work just fine and can handle the workload, so why mess with a good thing? Not upgrading your business phones every few years, however, can potentially hurt your business.

If you’re working directly with customers, they want to see that you can compete with other companies of the same nature. Having outdated or antiquated business phone services in your Tampa office could show them that you aren’t keeping up with what is current, or that you aren’t able to innovate. Customers can take a lot from a first impression, and if they see your office in Tampa with outdated business phone services, that have trouble with answering or receiving phone calls, this could turn your potential customer off almost immediately.

An outdated phone system may also prevent you from certain opportunities down the road. If your phones aren’t keeping up with new technology, you may miss out on things such as new ways to reach customers or customization that would give each interaction that personal touch. Add in things like social media, marketing, and advertising, and your old phone systems may not be able to keep up, causing you to lose out. Not to mention the fact that an old phone may slow you and your employees down. Imagine training a new staff member on a phone system that is over ten years old; if they came from somewhere with updated phones, it may take them longer than normal to learn your system, thus losing valuable work time.

Knowing if and when to upgrade things like your business phones or computers can be difficult for business owners. You don’t want to feel like you’re “keeping up with the Joneses’” but at the same time you need to stay current and competitive. If you’re running an older phone system and want to consider your upgrading options, call our team at PBX-Change today.

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