What is VOIP and Why Does your Business Need It?

//What is VOIP and Why Does your Business Need It?

What is VOIP and Why Does your Business Need It?

VoIP, or voice over Internet Protocol, is software that allows you to make web-based telephone calls. This has become wildly popular for use as business phones across the market, as it has a great number of benefits. It may sound a little strange, or like services like Skype, but VoIP has great value for small and large businesses alike that use business phones, including for your business in Tampa!

VoIP can be used in residential packets, but for businesses, like your company in Tampa, you will see additional features that will allow you to tailor your business phones to your needs. Depending on the size of your business and the frequency of calls, you can use tiered levels of service. This is great for those that no longer wish to be tied to the all-too-familiar landline. One benefit of V0IP is that because it runs through your Internet, allowing you to reduce costs and provide seamless service to your customers. Your Tampa business phone needs to be reliable 24/7 in order to provide exceptional customer service and to help grow your business, and with VoIP, that is possible.

Now you may be asking yourself, if everything is running on the Internet, will that make everything slower? While the benefits of VoIP are hugely rewarding for businesses, it does require high-speed Internet with high bandwidth to accommodate the added usage VoIP will bring. With the reliable Internet connection VoIP will bring, you are going to see more flexibility and reliability; not to mention that calls made with VoIP are included in the cost of your Internet services. No more worrying about minutes or long-distance calls when calling VoIP to VoIP. Here at PBX-Change, we specialize in VoIP and Internet services and can create a customized bundle for your business needs we have also helped this Site.

Technology is always changing; don’t let your business phone and Internet services fall behind. At PBX-Change, we pride ourselves in our fast Internet at affordable prices. Call us today to get set up!

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