What is the Cloud?

//What is the Cloud?

What is the Cloud?

When the term “cloud” is brought up, the average person might not know exactly what it is. It’s thought of as a mysterious place where our files, data, and apps float around in for our Tampa business phones and computers that we don’t have to worry about. That being said, understanding what the cloud actually is can be very important to consumers and businesses alike. Your Tampa based personal or business phone uses the cloud to store data, pictures, and more. A computer uses the cloud to access certain applications or services that can be vital to both your company or your personal life.

The first thing to understand about the cloud is that it is both simple and complex, both physical and not, all at the same time. The physical infrastructure is built from servers and computers housed in different locations all over the world. These servers can be utilized for a number of functions whether that be for storage for your Tampa business phones or computers, or providing Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). However, even with these vast networks of servers, the cloud comes down to one thing: the internet. That is where most of the understanding of the cloud lies; we understand that the data or applications we are using is coming from the internet.

For a business, the cloud can undergo a slight change in functionality. Businesses can choose to implement something like the previously mentioned Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), where they subscribe to use an application over the internet. There are several other pay-as-you-go services that a business can utilize that can help with application creation or house their entire infrastructure from a company like Microsoft, Google, or Amazon. Cloud capabilities are huge in the enterprise space because it can cut cost on expensive hardware that depreciates over time. With cloud solutions, a business can store data and conduct business that will save them money because they are only paying for what they use.

“The cloud” can be a worrisome thought as it is still a vexing idea for most consumers, but the cloud is the future as the Internet grows and our data needs become larger. If you are a growing business, consider utilizing the cloud for your business phones and computers. Want to learn more? Contact us today and learn how PBX- Change can help your business.


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