What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

//What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

What Is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

In this age of constant new technology, the Cloud, and IoT (internet of things), it is easier to connect to business devices and data than ever before. You no longer have to be tied to your desk to access work programs and files. Anything you would need to do your day to day job can now be done remotely via your Tampa business phone, laptop, or personal home computer. Because of this, sensitive information about your Tampa business travels between business servers and desktops or business phones or other mobile devices. This information is vulnerable as it travels over the internet, and it can be obtained by others trying to steal your company and customer information.

This is where Data Loss Prevention, or DLP, comes in. This type of software is used to protect sensitive data against the access, use and sharing of data by an unauthorized party. This breach of data can cause a business to fall victim to ransomware, lose money, and have sensitive information belonging to your customers fall into the wrong hands. DLP services ensure that the data that flows over these various connections between devices and networks is secure and safe, whether it’s on your Tampa based business phone or computer. When used as a service, DLP really shines as experts monitor the data going to and from the cloud and various endpoints. If a breach is detected, agents would work to send over information on breach, or “event” to the business as a custom report. This report will help a business analyze risks and manage internal policies to strengthen the protection they need for valuable or sensitive information.

DLP solutions offer businesses immediate access to data monitoring that can even be done remotely with DLP as a service. That means a small business wouldn’t need to put their own money into staffing a team for DLP monitoring. DLP as a managed service is a smart addition for a business as it is deliverable anywhere or any time. Through the use of the cloud, DLP solutions can be deployed quickly and to scale to the size of the business, big or small. 


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