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If you are in the business world, it is easy to think that everything non-traditional is a gimmick that will never work for you and your company. It’s true, there are many solutions out there that just don’t work, but it only takes one to take your business to the next level. While there are times where you can’t beat a classic business phone call, sometimes your customers like having options on getting in touch with your business. That is where the service “click-to-call” comes in: this allows customers to essentially put your business on speed dial without even typing in a phone number.

The idea of not typing anything but still making a business phone Tampa call may seem impossible to some, but this allows for added convenience. Let’s say your customer wants to call your company from their mobile phone, and they have just looked up your website. A click-to-call button means they just hit the button and the phone calls your office; it’s as easy as that. The simpler we make business phone calls for customers, the more likely you are to see this result in sales and company growth. If your company wants to test this program, you can also have the button request a call from your company. This way, if the customer clicks this, someone in your office receives a notification and can make an outbound call to the customer. A solution like this can be appealing for customers who want to be called at a later date or time, and can be helpful if no one on your staff is immediately available.

A solution like click-to-call for business phones means no added software on the part of your business or your customer. This builds a level of trust with customers, as they are not worried about harmful information being put into their devices, and they don’t have to remember phone numbers. If the number is easily available on your website, you can also drive traffic to your site, which can hopefully turn into revenue. Mobile users are continually on the rise, and this is a great solution for any growing business.

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