What is a Switchboard and Does my Company Need One?

//What is a Switchboard and Does my Company Need One?

What is a Switchboard and Does my Company Need One?

If you have ever called a large company and spoken to some type of operator, you have interacted with a switchboard system. These are frequently used as a way to field business phone calls, which your business in Tampa can utilize, to the correct points of contact, leaving sales people free to work and conduct business without hassle. Back in the day, a switchboard used to be completely manual, with someone literally connecting the lines into a circuit board, hence the name switchboard. Today, switchboard operators use software and state-of-the-art business phone systems to connect customers and staff faster and more accurately than ever; leading to your Tampa business running more efficiently. 

If your business deals with extremely large call volumes, with calls that need to be directed to multiple departments, you may be considering the benefits of a switchboard. The operator can then take your Tampa business phone calls, ask questions to determine the customer’s needs, and transfer them to the correct member of your staff. This saves your employees time, as they are not taking calls that are not handled by their group, meaning you can be more productive. This can be extremely time-saving when the customers are just looking for basic information on the company such as hours of operation, location, or services offered.

Once you have decided to implement a switchboard system in your company, you will need the appropriate phone system and software to get started. You will want your operators to have phones with multiple lines and transferring abilities, as well as a headset built for noise reduction. Many phones, such as those offered by Cisco, offer software that allows you to operate the phone directly from the computer screen, allowing for a more hands-free workplace for the operators. This can reduce the need for any additional software, lowering your overhead costs to get started.

Switchboards can be very effective for those businesses that experience high call volumes throughout the day. Having an operator to field business calls and place them with the correct employee or department can save your company time and money. Interested in learning more? Call us at PBX-Change today.

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