If your business in Tampa is thinking about switching to a VoIP system, then that is great news! A VoIP system will give your business in Tampa a whole host of tools to help measures its performance. Through the use of analytics, your business in Tampa will be able to accurately measure how your VoIP system best serves you. The way it works is that your business will be able to collect data and analyze it so that it can improve your business. For example, your business will be able to see the number of calls answered, the duration of calls, peak call times, geographic location of calls, and wait time. These metrics will help improve customer service and improve the efficiency of calls. Here are three ways analytics benefit your business:

1. Employee Input

Your employees are the heart and soul of the customer service department. When they are effective, your business is effective. With analytics, you can see how they are performing and get critical feedback from them. Who better to tell you what it is needed then the employees working the phones? Their concerns, problems, and suggestions can help create a more effective and efficient customer experience.

2. Create A Better Customer Service Experience

Analytics and customer service go hand in hand. The system is best applied when measuring customer service departments or support lines. It can measure the call duration and response times, thereby allowing a business to find certain patterns of customer behavior. This also allows for businesses to figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to their calls. Lastly, analytics helps to determine when customers are the most or least busy, among other things.

3. Measuring Customer Trends

With VoIP analytics, your business can record calls in order to improve customer service. Your team can go through calls, searching for keywords to learn about trends. For example, your team members can look for the term “satisfied” or “cancel” to find calls that contain those keywords. Then each call can be examined to see what patterns they include.

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