Storms of all shapes and sizes can really hurt a business. It can also make a big impact on commuting, which can become a major problem that can lead to a loss in productivity. This is especially true if your business doesn’t have the ability to work remotely. Contact PBX-Change if you are searching for a VoIP business phone service in Tampa, Florida. We offer a range of services and products that include data networking, cloud service, and VoIP service for the Tampa bay area. By having a VoIP service setup, your business in Tampa can manage to be productive during any storm that would prevent them from going to work. Here is how we can help:

  1. Email Communication
    Communication is key. Your employees and clients need to be connected. That’s why using unified communications is a must for your business. It allows for your employees to communicate with each other and with clients. It will keep the day productive and ensure that your clients don’t feel abandoned.
  2. Video Conferencing
    Need to have a meeting but cannot get everyone together? Video conferencing can save the day. Now it’s a breeze to hold meetings with clients and employees that are stuck home or are far away. Video Conferencing is not just a replacement for conference calls but an all-encompassing business phone solution that can solve a lot of your communication needs.
  3. The Cloud
    The cloud allows for all your data and files to be stored remotely. That means your employees can access all the necessary files and data without driving to the office. Additionally, your data will be encrypted and protected from potential thieves – something that all clients expect in this day and age. You can also believe that VoIP is secure and that it removes the need for physical PBX hardware on site.
  4. Rerouting
    If you are unable to make it to the office during a storm, worry not. With VoIP, you can reroute your calls so that you can work from home. You can continue business as usual without missing a beat. This is a great asset that any business needs in order to remain competitive in this market.

Want to learn more? Contact us today at (813) 734-8994 and learn how PBX-Change can help your business with its communication needs.