How VoIP Can Improve Your Small Business

//How VoIP Can Improve Your Small Business

How VoIP Can Improve Your Small Business

Does your small business have the competitive edge it needs? Is your business in Tampa still using a business phone system from over a decade ago? If so, then it’s time for an upgrade. Upgrading your business phone system is a great way for your small business in Tampa to improve its business and productivity levels. VoIP allows for your business to gain that edge. Check out five features of VoIP that will upgrade your business phone system and bring your business in Tampa into the future.

  1. Caller ID Screening
    It feels like there are more solicitation calls than ever before. Don’t let these calls affect your business and waste your time. VoIP services have features that allow your team to screen calls and prevent solicitors from slowing you down.
  2. Virtual Menu
    If your small business has a virtual call menu, it will impress potential and current customers. It gives a level of professionalism while also being very helpful for your callers. It allows them to navigate to the department they are looking for, without tying up your lines.
  3. Routing
    Clients want to be able to reach you, so let’s make it easy for them. VoIP allows for call routing, which is great for your employees that work in the field. This feature allows for calls to be sent to different numbers going to voicemail. So, the client has a better shot at speaking with you and leaving satisfied.
  4. Hold Music
    Don’t leave your customer in dead silence. Have hold music for them to keep them occupied. Pick and choose the music you want so that it’s pleasant for your customers without being too annoying.
  5. Voicemail TranscribingA wonderful feature of VoIP is the ability for your voicemails to be transcribed and then emailed to you. Now, instead of just having an audio recording, you will also have a text transcript to look over. This will also allow you to have a clearer understanding of the message you received.

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