When operating a small business, don’t get stuck thinking small. Thinking big is what will help your brand grow. Whether it is upgrading your tech or expanding, thinking big will give you an edge over your competition. One such way to do this is to think about upgrading your communication network. Your small business in Tampa can benefit from a VLAN (Virtual LAN) setup. With this setup, you can improve your security, network performance, and productivity. A VLAN allows your business in Tampa to safeguard its sensitive content within your own network. This will in turn let your clients see that your business cares about protecting their data and thereby increase your reputation. Below is a helpful guide that will explain what VLAN is and how it can help your business in Tampa.

What Is A VLAN Exactly?
A local area network (LAN) is a group of deices that connect to each other over the same broadcast domain. This can be done either with an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. A VLAN takes this a step further by creating a virtual network for the connected devices. These can then be assigned to specific broadcast domain. This re-partitioning of a network can greatly improve network traffic management. For example, a wireless VLAN can have a separate network within your LAN. This will help keep certain traffic separate from others, in order to protect your data. Other uses of VLAN are as follows:

  • Create a guest network that is separate from your company’s network. Your company’s data will be secure and your guests’ data will be too.
  • You can create a VLAN to have employees using the same network for a VoIP service.
  • Keep different departments within your company separate. This will allow only authorized users to access these secure networks without locking them out of the rest of the system entirely.

Additionally Uses Of VLAN
The use of a VLAN in order to create a more secure network for your business is a major benefit. Your clients will feel safer knowing that their data is protected, as well as your employees. But, aside from increasing your company’s reputation as a safe and reputable business, it also has other added benefits. VLAN is a great tool for any small business that is growing. The reason is because it prepares your business for future growth. With a VLAN, your business will have a reliable network that can be scaled to your business size. Adding new users or moving existing ones won’t be difficult. Updating their status on VLAN is easy and simple.

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