Just like most things, business phone systems can be purchased new or used. Also, like most things, you are going to want to know what you are paying for. For instance, does your business in Tampa need to save money by purchasing a second-hand business phone system? If yes, then beware of previous issues that your business phone system could have before it’s too late for your business in Tampa. Because if you don’t your business in Tampa can have a phone system plagued with the following issues:

  1. Warranty Issues
    When you buy a used phone system, you might be missing out on the warranty. If that happens, then you could be stuck holding the bag for costly repairs and fixes that a warranty could have easily covered. Another problem that could arise is that when you are searching for replacement parts, you might not find the proper ones and could end up having easily avoidable problems.
  1. Tech Support
    Tech support exists for a reason. Whether it’s a newer phone system or a used one, problems can always pop-up. Purchasing a used phone system might not entail an IT support system. That is something that can be harmful to productivity and your business if there is prolonged downtime or a system failure. A business phone system should have an easy setup and great support team so that they can handle whatever needs that your business phone system may need. Keep this in mind when drawing up the benefits and drawbacks of using a second-hand phone system to save on costs.
  1.  Functionality
    Buying an older business phone system means there is a possibility that there can be functionality problems. Technology that was new 10 years ago is probably obsolete by today. With that in mind an older business phone system most likely won’t have the same functions as a newer one, unless it was future-proof. Additionally, using older outdated technology can make your business seem like it’s far behind on technology and could turn away current and potential clients. Thereby seriously outweighing any benefits that a second-hand business phone system would have saved you in the long-run.

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