Webinars aren’t just for big corporations. Your business can use them too! Your business phone system in Tampa should include webinars. They are a great tool that can create a virtual meeting room anytime, anywhere. So, make sure your business phone system in Tampa includes webinar capabilities because you are about to hear 5 reasons why you need it!

1. Attention Span
Everyone has experienced that one or two people who never mute their phones during a big conference call. You can have the best business phone system in Tampa and still fall prey to this headache. On top of that, mass conference calls can be quite tiring too. When there are a large number of people on a call, it can become quite challenging. Instead, try using a webinar. They provide the audience with the ability to interact and follow along. Think about it as if everyone has a PowerPoint in front of them and they can follow along virtually. Webinars are also like an event, which generate excitement for your customers when you invite them. Webinars also retain the audience’s attention more effectively than a mass conference call. They are useful both for employees and customers.

2. Instant Feedback
The great thing about a webinar is that you can open it up to questions. Many services allow you to unmute listeners or let them ping you with questions. It allows for a much easier way to handle calls! You have way more flexibility in how you want to handle the calls. It’s also a great way to respond to questions and feedback quickly. Webinars allow for great interactivity and engagement, so use it!

3. Scarcity
Tell your audience that a webinar is going Live. This can generate hype and a feeling of scarcity. They will feel a need to see what going on since it will disappear. You can drive people to your webinar with this form of motivation. This is very useful for team building and different kinds of business models.

4. Reusable
On the other hand, you can make them available to your employees for future references.  This allows for them to look back and see perhaps how to operate a particular program or catch up on the meeting they missed. Use it however you like.

5. Expertise
Webinars allow you to show your expertise in a field. You are the expert that everyone is listening to. Through a webinar you can visually convey your knowledge and help walk the audience through your process. It’s a great tool to utilize when showing your coworkers or employees how to do something.

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