Make no mistake about it, ensuring the quality of your calls is one of the most important parts of operating your phone service. Dropped or missed calls, or calls where you’re unable to make out what your customer is saying can be very frustrating, and due to the nature of VOIP phone service, quality can change daily. Here are some basic tips for fixing your VOIP voice quality problems.

Because VOIP phone service is reliant on internet technology, one of the simplest ways to fix any VOIP voice quality problems you might be experiencing is to increase your internet speed. If you think of your internet connection as a garden hose, it makes sense that increasing the size of your hose means more water. Simply making more bandwidth available is akin to a bigger garden hose in this respect.

Another simple fix for VOIP voice quality problems is simply to call your service provider. While the call quality problems are less likely to be on your provider’s end because of the nature of the service, they might have helpful tools to help you diagnose your problems, or have simple suggestions to fix them. Consider reaching out to your phone service provider no matter the issue, as they’re certainly equipped to help you analyze the problem.

A number of possible issues that can affect your VOIP voice quality can be fixed by fixing or replacing your equipment. If you think this might be the issue, it’s important to remember to start with the simplest (and usually cheapest) fix first, then move on to the more costly and time consuming things next. A simple thing to check in this vein is to make sure that your internet is configured to give priority to your VOIP system. If it isn’t you could be losing valuable bandwidth to other services like email and web browsing. Next, check your cables. If your cables are inadequate to the task of carrying your phone signal, simply replacing them could be the fix you’re looking for. On the more expensive end of this spectrum, you could consider the desktop phones that you’re using to interface with your VOIP Tampa system, or even contact your service provider to see if the modem could be creating the issue.

In a system as complex as a VOIP phone system, a lot of things can go wrong. Luckily, there are plenty of tools and resources that you can use to diagnose and fix your problem while potentially keeping costs down.