If you are using a business phone at your company in Tampa, chances are you already have a voicemail greeting in place. Are you fully utilizing this message? A voicemail greeting can sometimes be the first time a consumer is reaching out to your company, so you want to leave the best impression possible. We have put together our top tips so that you can create a strong voicemail greeting for your business phones in Tampa.

Speak Clearly and Confidently
We cannot stress enough the importance of speaking clearly on your business phone voicemail for your company in Tampa. If a customer cannot hear or understand your greeting, they are far less likely to leave a message, and you may risk losing out on business. The same goes for confidence; keep your voice upbeat and to the point so your customers know you know what you are talking about.

Have the Option to Skip the Greeting
For larger businesses, this option could be very helpful for repeat callers. If you frequently get after-hours calls, this gives them the option to bypass the lengthy greeting and cut right to the chase; this makes customers happier and more patient, thus providing them a better customer experience.

Keep it Brief
You typically want to keep your voicemail greeting under 30 seconds. Customers will get bored after much longer, and are more likely to hang up. Cover important information like your hours, other methods of communication, and when you will return their call. If certain pieces of information are more applicable to your customers, you can customize your greeting to keep it as short as possible.

A proper voicemail greeting can be a strong face for your company, so it is important to keep it relevant to your customers. If you are thinking about updating your voicemail for your business phones, keep our tips in mind to make it as effective as possible. Remember what you like and dislike when making your voicemail in order to ensure the best experience for your customers.


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