More and more businesses are moving towards a VoIP business phone system, so shouldn’t your business in Tampa too? There are many reasons why your business in Tampa needs to have a modern business phone system. That’s why we put together a little guide of four key areas that you need to take a look at. So, let’s take a look at why your business in Tampa may be ready to upgrade its business phone systems.

1. Location
If your business is all in one location, then a traditional phone system might be easier. However, if your employees are in many different locations, it can be difficult to tie them down to this method. Instead, by using a VoIP you can have all those employees on one service. You can also have the ability to make communicating, sharing, and working become more effective by having a service that can be accessed remotely, anywhere at any time.

2. Business Size
Setup costs for infrastructure can be massive. A hosted PBX service tends to make more sense because it skips the heavy costs of buying and setting up your own physical PBX. However, if your company is much larger that may well be another story. But for most small businesses, that won’t be the case. Just ensure that your VoIP provider can support you now and support your future growth.

3. Current Capabilities
What does your current business phone system look like? There was a reason why you selected this business phone setup. That’s a great indicator of what services and functions your business deems important. Another thing this does is that it allows VoIP providers information on what features you are missing and in need of.

4. Call Volume and Management
This is an important step in deciding if it’s time to upgrade your phone system. By determining your business’s call volume and call flow, a VoIP provider can determine what next steps are necessary. For example, how are your calls answered? Does a person answer or an auto attendant? These are necessary things to look at in understanding how to best serve your business phone needs.

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