The Importance of a Voicemail Greeting

//The Importance of a Voicemail Greeting

The Importance of a Voicemail Greeting

Have you ever called a company that didn’t answer and heard a confusing, long, or hard to hear voicemail? If so, you may not have left a message and found another company. If this was your Tampa business phone service, well then you just lost a potential customer. Answering your phone is always the best practice, but it is human nature to miss a call once in a while, especially if you get frequent after-hours business phone calls to your Tampa business. Having a proper business phone voicemail greeting for your Tampa business can be the difference between a new customer and a missed opportunity.

Be Brief
Lengthy voicemail greetings on your business phones can cause callers to hang up. If you have prompts and multiple selections to make before being able to leave a voicemail, consider condensing this to avoid frustration by callers; if you can’t shorten it, consider giving them the option to skip the prompts if they know why they are calling.

Set Expectations
If you know you likely won’t be returning calls within a short time frame, let your customers know. Always include something about your average turnaround time for voicemails so that you don’t have angry customers calling in asking why you never returned their message. The same goes if you will be closed or out of the office. This is a courteous way to let your customers know when you will be back or any other methods of contact they can use to get in touch.

Keep It Updated
Try to keep your voicemail greeting up-to-date. If you have information about a holiday that was a month ago, your customers make think you are not following up with things. An updated greeting is also more personal and will give your customers all relevant information, which can avoid too many questions or follow up calls. This is especially important when you will be out of the office, so customers don’t expect a follow up when you are gone.

Keeping a strong voicemail on your business phone can help you keep your customers happy. For some customers, the voicemail greeting is the first interaction they may have with your company, so you want it to be clear, professional, and accurate. Make the most out of your business phones by keeping your systems and voicemail updated.

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