As Tampa’s Small Business owners transition into using more and more technology on a daily basis to facilitate communications, the quality and cost of their Internet connection has become almost as critical as having a reliable phone line was 10 years ago.

In order to ensure that one is never without a reliable connection, any business largely dependent on the Internet to communicate with its clients and vendors has to have redundancy in their Internet connection. With the service providers available up until now it doesn’t seem realistic to be able count on any one provider to “always be up”.

Tampa Bay has had its share of outages since Irma stormed through town last year.  Now back in hurricane season once again with thunderstorms rolling through the Bay Area on a daily basis, we appear to be going in a never ending loop from one vendor area outage to the next.

Tampa Bay Fiber is rapidly expanding its network throughout the Tampa Bay Area. Tampa Bay Fiber is now live in SunTrust Financial Center, GTE Financial Building, and Meridian One. Tampa Bay Fiber can provide your business with reliable high speed Internet, along with our dedicated support team, next day!

Tampa Bay Fiber is constantly expanding its network, with Meridian Two and Three on the horizon, to new buildings and areas in the Tampa Bay Area. Even if you aren’t in our current live buildings, we may be able to bring reliable high speed internet directly to your business! We not only do high-rise buildings, but can also bring high speed internet directly to your business’s office in the Tampa Bay Area. For a free site survey and consultation give us a call: (813) 734-8994

Tampa Bay Fiber scales to your business’s needs, we have two service packages available: On-Net or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA).

If you are simple small business with basic internet needs/usage then an On-Net service package is for you, it will provide you with a single IP address on a shared connection with a variety of speeds options coupled with our dedicated support team.

If you are business with more involved internet needs, whether it be cloud service, hosting, VoIP, Remote Access, etc. Tampa Bay Fiber can provide you with a DIA service package. DIA gives you a dedicated private connection to the internet with multiple IP address with a variety of speed options.

If you are unsure as to what is best for your business, give us a call and our dedicated sales team will work with you to tailor fit a service package to your business’s needs. (813) 734-8994

Tampa Bay Fiber with our dedicated support team, can provide your business with reliable high speed Internet, next day!