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If you have Wi-Fi, chances are you’ve had a time where your coverage was spotty or didn’t reach quite far enough. At your office, poor Wi-Fi can cause you to lose customers; if you are losing calls on your business phones or missing emails this is not good for business. Poor Wi-Fi coverage can be Read More >

In this age of growing technology, the Cloud, and IoT (internet of things), it is easier to connect to business devices and data than ever before. You no longer have to be tied to your desk to access work programs and files. Anything you would need to do your day to day job can now Read More >

Talking on the phone is not necessarily something everyone loves to do. For those that are less-than-comfortable on the phone, learning strong business phone etiquette can make you and your customer more relaxed and provide a better customer experience. You have such a limited amount of time to make an impression on each customer, and Read More >

Today’s offices are becoming more and more about collaborative spaces; getting rid of the cubes and adding open air offices or rows of connected desks. While this can certainly promote creativity and collaboration, it can create loud office spaces that are not exactly conducive to making business phone calls. The last thing you want is Read More >

It seems like landlines are a thing of the past in most homes, but what about your business? You may be considering or currently using your cell phone for your business phone needs; it is convenient and comfortable since it is something we use every day, but is it a practical solution for your business Read More >

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