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PBX-Change offers a wide range of hosted PBX services tailored to each business’s individual needs.

PBX-Change offers extensive solutions from Hosted PBX Simplified to full featured call centers. Utilizing our diverse cloud deployment, your business phone can travel with you anywhere. Take your phone from your office to a wired internet connection, anywhere in the world, and it will operate as if you were in your office.

Business Phone Systems Tampa FL

Our geographically redundant and diverse solution allows our customers to have reliable uninterrupted services, even if one of our SAAS 70 hardened data centers is offline.

PBX-Change’s hosted voice offers over 500 features using the latest technology from Broadsoft, the world’s leading VoIP innovator. Solutions are further enhanced through our partnership with Cisco, delivering the best user experience, increasing business phone productivity and efficiency.

We combine our hosted PBX voice and data services on one bill, with one point of contact for all of your telephone and IT needs.

The below diagram is a sample of how we may deploy our solution to a customer. All of our deployments are customizable to meet the needs of each customer individually.