To a business, information might be their most valuable asset. Your company in Tampa can have its company finances, records, employee data, business phone systems, and sensitive materials under threat if a computer or network has been compromised by malware. It is always important to invest in a professional endpoint protection solution that can recognize weaknesses in your network, learn malware patterns, and keep your business phones and computers in Tampa safe from harm. But what if something does happen? How can you tell?

First, any credible endpoint protection service will be able to tell you how the network or endpoint has been compromised, and will be able to provide a resolution. In-depth reports, charting, and scanning means that your company knows exactly when harmful malware or ransomware is infecting your business phone or computer in Tampa, so that you can prevent future attacks. However, a small business might not have the budget or IT capability to incorporate an antivirus solution.

Keep an eye out for random pop-ups, fake antivirus messages, and other strange issues that seem out of the ordinary. Anything from an email, to a pop-up ad, to a link on a seemingly legitimate website can allow a hacker to enter into your business phone or computer and steal valuable information. Your information might not be what the intruder is after; Often times, a hacker will gain access to your computer or network in order to take your information hostage. This is to force you to pay them money to get your information back. This is called ransomware, and can be devastating to a small business that cannot afford to pay the ransom. Even with a ransom being paid, the likelihood of a second attack is great. These incidents should be dealt with by using a good antivirus and anti-malware program. It can save you time, headaches, and money to keep what is important and crucial to your business safe.

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