Get to know your customers better and anticipate their future needs.

PBX-Change staff are certified to sell, install and train users on Cisco Webex Contact Center, an omnichannel customer contact system that brings all aspects of communication together in one place – calls, email and instant messages.

Scale Quickly

Scale operations quickly and cost-effectively, and use the platform’s advanced analytics for greater insights into your team’s performance. In real-time, discover bottlenecks and see how quickly calls are answered and resolved. Deliver the best customer service by re-routing calls through top performers or managing traffic dynamically to deal with spikes in demand.

Whether your office has one location or several, five employees or 500, all your locations and people are ready and able to serve your customers.

As a Cisco Journey Platform Certified Expert we have deep expertise in this area.

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Our cloud-based contact center solutions are easy to set up and maintain.  More cost-effective, reliable, easier to use, and requiring less employee training, they are as secure as traditional call center technology.  Contact Center integrates easily with a wide range of CRMs – and we can manage the integration too


More agile, flexible, scalable, secure and efficient

Customer Insights

Cross-channel and cross-system analytics of every stage of your customer’s journey so you can optimize operations


Unified voice, email and chat interactions make it easy for agents to view a customer’s cross-channel history and deliver a more personalized experience

Intelligent Routing

Big data analytics understand your customer’s journey, predict their needs and match them with the best available agent to deliver the best outcome


Minimize agent workload via an intuitive chat BOT self-service option, with seamless transfer to an agent when needed


Built-in voice and chat communication with other agents, managers and experts helps solve difficult issues, improves first-contact resolution rate and delights customers

Seamless App Integration

Remove the chaos of app-switching, improve agent productivity and first-contact resolution

Fully Managed

PBX-Change will design and compile the best solution with the right features for your business so your call center runs the way you need it to. And we provide fast, reliable support.

Call us at (813)-734-8994 to talk about your phone service needs.

Need an Emergency Contact Center?

The COVID-19 pandemic saw companies making employee safety more of a priority, while still wanting to offer outstanding customer service. Partnering with Cisco, we rolled out a rapid solution for call center clients and helped companies change their business models at short notice.

Need new or expanded resources, fast? The Cisco WebEx Contact Center Quick Deployment Solution allows companies to get a contact center up and running in as little as five days. It bundles premium agent software and a robust set of omnichannel, routing and reporting capabilities for up to 1,000 agents at a time.


  • Quick deployment
  • Rapid ramp-up for crisis response teams
  • No need for VPN connection

Expandable and Flexible

  • If you need to offload expanding volume to a secondary platform while ensuring continuity of services
  • If you don’t have a contact center but want to provide customers with an emergency hotline
  • If you want the flexibility for your agents and supervisors to work from home, without a VPN connection

PBX-Change has been offering the WebEx Contact Center for over two years, and with rapid deployment assistance from Cisco, can complete the set-up in less than five days.


To find out if WebEx Contact Center is right for your business, please call 813-734-8917 or 844-367-8647

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