Our high-speed internet service for businesses offers speeds that range between 100Mbps and 10Gbps. Our cutting-edge technology, synchronous speeds (uploads and downloads at same speed), and live support for training and customer service, make it possible for businesses of any size to have a seamless and reliable online experience.

No other company in the area provides faster internet speeds than PBX-Change. Our services are focused on delivering commercial high-speed internet connections for businesses of varying sizes, including large corporate buildings and multi-tenant buildings.

Tampa Bay Area Clients

Customers trust us to deliver business-class and symmetrical internet services (uploads and downloads at same speed) to successfully conduct their unique operations. For more than 20 years, our customers have made us one of the top business high-speed internet providers in the Tampa Bay area. We supply 10Gbps Internet Service to several well-known organizations, office buildings and mixed-use commercial/residential complexes. They include:

  • Truist, Regions & Wells Fargo office towers- Downtown Tampa
  • Businesses in the Meridian Westshore complex & the Westshore Towers – Tampa
  • 33 North Garden office tower – Clearwater
  • Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors – Downtown St. Petersburg

Our experts have provided internet connectivity in the Tampa Bay region since 2000, when we began transforming local medical and health related businesses with applications and connectivity. Today, we have cloud-based systems even outside Florida’s hurricane belt so your data is always protected. We also have full back-up, in case of power outages.

New in 2022, we installed our technology on the FCC Registered Antenna and Cell Phone Tower on Ulmerton Road, dramatically expanding our services in Pinellas County. This enhancement makes our speeds always symmetrical, unlike cable companies. That means your upload matches your download, which is important for businesses that send/upload large files and pictures.

Many of our customers tell us they no longer rely on big name, industry giants for their internet services because they get much better service from regional internet companies. Our better connectivity, better installation and better customer service give  local businesses what industry giants do not.

Join the ranks of local companies that enjoy reliable high-speed internet services. With our High-Speed Internet, you can rest assured that your business stays online. Get in touch with us today to build a plan that meets the demands of your operations.

Tampa Bay Fiber: Consistent High-Speed Internet

We developed Tampa Bay Fiber as our company’s primary high-speed internet solution for businesses. Our experts address your specific needs to keep your businesses operating with the most reliable internet connections. Our features include:

  1. Up to 10Gbps of Fixed Wireless High-Speed Internet Connection:We were the first to utilize a millimeter-wave backhaul, which provided multi-gigabit internet services to our downtown Tampa clients.
  2. 99.99% Reliable Connections To Keep Your Business Online 24/7/365:Our unique distribution systems allow us to deliver secure, dependable, and consistent business high-speed internet connections. We understand how important it is for any organization to stay online in today’s business landscape.

We are committed to helping you maintain the quality and efficiency of your business operations, 24/7.  We provide consistent high-speeds and reliable connections to optimize your daily online operations. See how our solutions can best serve your business.

Hybrid Virtual Fiber Solutions

Our Tampa Bay Fiber solution is a hybrid fixed wireless network with integrated fiber and ethernet distribution systems. We use Siklu carrier-class millimeter wave, making our solutions the first in Tampa to provide high-speed and stable connections.

Whether you need multiple IP addresses that access a dedicated internet server or you need a simple On-Net service with only one address, Tampa Bay Fiber connects you quickly. Our decades of reliable, uninterrupted service and live customer service keep us ahead of other high-speed internet providers.

Our team at Tampa Bay Fiber is standing by to help you. See how our efficient system can be a perfect fit for your business needs.

Commercial High-Speed Internet With Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds

Our goal is to provide you with robust connectivity for all your business high-speed internet needs. From the start, we designed our virtual fiber network to offer symmetrical download and upload speeds. That means you have the same high speed and reliability, whether you are sending files or receiving them over the internet. This is great for businesses that send/upload large files/pictures.

Taking into consideration the unique cloud-based applications of any business, our virtual fiber network guarantees a stable system to produce optimal performance. No matter what industry you are in, you can count on us for fast, reliable and quality internet. Call us now to discuss your business high-speed internet needs.

Call us to find out more at (813)-734-8994.

Available Business High-Speed Internet Plans

Tampa Bay’s best business high-speed internet comes in two primary plans:

Virtual Fiber – Business Internet

  • Available Speeds: Internet speeds are either 100Mbps or 200Mbps, suited for businesses with varying levels of operations.
  • Internet Protocol Address:Both options come with a single, dedicated static IP for improved business performance.
  • Guaranteed Speed and Uptime: Professional installation services are included to ensure correct setup.
  • Price: Services start at $100/month.

Dedicated Internet – DIA

  • Available Speeds: Internet speeds reach up to 10Gbps, suited for heavy online business activities
  • Internet Protocol Address:Get up to five or more static IP addresses.
  • Reliability:Service-level agreements guarantee speeds and compensations for any downtime you might experience.
  • Price:Services start at $299/month.

Availability of High-Speed Internet for Business

Tampa Bay Fiber is a service specifically designed businesses. Our internet services are ideal for:

  • Businesses of any size
  • Housing Complexes
  • Educational Facilities

We work closely with homeowners associations (HOA), neighborhood groups and property management boards to provide services to a wide range of residential neighborhoods, not just businesses. Reach out to our team to determine your best options. With a growing remote workforce and hybrid model of employees working from home and the office, businesses rely on us to keep their employees connected.

As long as you are within the qualified coverage areas, you’ll have complete access to our superior internet services. Contact us today to confirm whether your business or neighborhood qualifies for Tampa Bay Fiber Internet Services.

The PBX-Change Guarantee

Expect symmetrical internet speeds for your commercial organization in the Tampa Bay area. Our goal is to streamline your internet services according to your unique business operations. We are ready to discuss your internet needs and connect you online as soon as possible. You can count on us because your success is our success.

Discuss Your Options

Get in touch with us to determine the best plan for your business. Our representatives are standing by to assess your business needs and determine how our services can help you reach your business goals. We can complete your order and customize your business high-speed internet plan in just under two weeks. Make a service request now!