As a Tampa-based business, chances are you know how important business phone service is. You probably also know that the technology is getting more sophisticated as time goes on. But you’re probably wondering, if your current business phone service has kept you in Tampa for this long, why change it? Well, the reason ultimately comes down to two words: unified communications. Unified communications services offer new features and benefits that your current phone service may not be providing. If you plan to service the Tampa community in the best way that you can, making the change to a VoIP provider would be a step in the right direction towards upgrading your business phone system.

First, a VoIP provider offers greater mobility and ease of access than traditional landline services. There’s nothing worse than knowing someone has the answers that you’re looking for and knowing that they’re unreachable for any number of reasons ranging from scheduled time off to necessary time away from the office for sales calls, conferences, or other business trips. With a VoIP service, making sure that you’re able to provide your customers with the proper service is just a matter of a phone call away.

Other advantages of a VoIP service include flexibility of cost and business continuity. In terms of cost, VoIP services generally provide a flexible model for transition from legacy phone services, meaning that the upgrade doesn’t need to happen all at once, but rather can occur on a timetable that you and your company decide is feasible. When it comes to business continuity, VoIP services ensure that in times when your phone service might be compromised for whatever reason, there’s a backup plan in place. This includes during the transition plan to your new service.

Not only that, but VoIP providers are continually offering opportunities for further integration of digital technology. Whether it’s an online customer survey, or the ability to share documents as part of a contract, or the ability to provide your agents with all the relevant information about a customer’s needs, interests, and previous contacts, VoIP service offers a leg-up on legacy services. As businesses and technology continue to grow, so should your phone service.

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