Reasons to Consider Switching Your Business Phone Service to VOIP

//Reasons to Consider Switching Your Business Phone Service to VOIP

Reasons to Consider Switching Your Business Phone Service to VOIP

In a world that seems dominated by large corporations, your small business can use every advantage it can get. These advantages can come from many areas, including your phone service. Making a simple change like switching to a VOIP phone service can make all the difference, and help your business succeed. Here are a few advantages your business can get by switching to a VOIP phone service.

One of the most common complaints that customers have when doing business over the phone is not getting to an employee who can help them on the first try. What’s one thing that almost every corporation has to help their clients get to the right person? An auto attendant. Switching to a VOIP service makes adding an auto attendant an easy process, which streamlines the experience for your customers, making their call quicker and more efficient.

Almost every company that does business over the phone has the same message: “calls may be monitored or recorded for quality and training purposes.” Almost every employee can benefit from coaching, especially when they’re the only person your customer speaks to, but what’s better than providing advice after a call? Providing advice during a call. Most VOIP services offer the option for your management to monitor a call with or without the employee and customer knowing, and provide real-time feedback and suggestions if necessary.

A very simple benefit of switching to a VOIP service is hold music. Let’s face it, sometimes issues arise that necessitate putting a customer on hold, and that canned “elevator” music can be the worst part of an experience for a customer if it’s just the same tune on a loop. With a VOIP service, you can decide what music your customers listen to. You may even have customers ask to be put back on hold until the song they were listening to ends!

Sometimes you’re not able to answer the phone, and it can be just as difficult to get a moment to listen to a voicemail and jot down the relevant pieces of information. Luckily, VOIP phone services have a solution. Because VOIP is a digital service, a basic advantage is that it can be transcribed to your email quickly and painlessly. Having a written record of a call can be priceless in that it can help smooth over the toughest transactions.

There are many more reasons to switch to a VOIP service, but the bottom line is that making this kind of change can do wonders for your small business. Consider PBX-Change for your business VOIP needs.

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