The Real Cost of Internet Outages

We understand that business owners and managers are always looking to reduce costs. It’s smart business. However, today almost every business is dependent on the Internet, so we are baffled when a company tries to save $50 a month on internet and telephone services and then has to deal with Internet outages on a monthly or sometimes weekly basis.

According to Gartner, during network downtime, it’s estimated that a business loses hundreds or even thousands of dollars every minute. A significant toll on any business.

Lost Productivity

During periods of IT downtime, employees are unable to perform their tasks or it forces employees to spend valuable time redoing their work.

Lost Revenue

Customers expect results quickly, and if they can’t connect with you, they will move on with one click.

Recovery Costs

Recovery costs to fix downtime issues are expensive, especially the hefty fees for recovering lost data.

Intangible Costs

Intangible costs can damage a business the most in the long run, and they occur when a business’ reputation is damaged by downtime.

So, the bottom line is spending an extra $50 or even $100 a month is an excellent investment in securing your company’s functionality and reputation.

PBX-Change’s Tampa Bay Fiber division uses main POP (point of presence) in Downtown Tampa and is directly interconnected to multiple different Tier 1 Service to ensure best possible “up-time” and low latency. If one provider does out, then our system pulls from another provider to ensure no downtime.

Fiber typically offers higher speeds than other business internet types because symmetrical speeds ensure your upload and download speeds are equally fast. Tampa Bay fiber can provide wired, wireless or Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from 100 Mbps to 10 Gigabit speeds.

If you are unsure as to what is best for your business and have experienced any downtime, please give us a call, and our dedicated sales team will work with you to tailor fit a service package to your business’s needs. 844-WE-FIBER (844-933-4237)