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Retain more customers. PBX-Change has the solution for you. Don’t frustrate them by putting them on hold. Learn about how Q-For-Me gives your callers the option to have you call them back instead.

Let’s face it, nobody wants to be put on hold waiting for an agent to answer. But, nobody wants to lose their spot on the queue either. Our call center will enable your callers to know their wait time measured in either minutes or callers ahead. But, they will be able to opt out of being on hold. That’s where Q-For-Me comes into play. This service allows your callers to hang up without losing their place in line. One of the options included with this service is the ability to prompt the caller with a call back once a certain amount of wait time has been reached. Once the call back number is confirmed, your caller is free to hang up and continue with their day. The caller’s place will be held until an agent responds back to the caller.

Customers will thank you for having the option to request a call back rather than sitting on hold for an extended period of time. See below on why Q-For-Me is a must for your business:

  • Improve your customer service by providing calls with choice and easy convenience for them.
  • Reduce the chances for call abandonment by simply providing callers with a call back option.
  • Q-For-Me is easy to use, simple to execute, and manageable for businesses and teams of all sizes.
  • Additionally, you will be able to minimize the rate of idle calls with this cost saving feature.

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