Updating your business phone system is something that will help your business in Tampa become more efficient. It will allow your employees to communicate more effectively with each other and with clients. This is crucial for increasing productivity. However, technology does come with its drawbacks from time to time. One of them being that hackers are evolving and that they are able to illegally access private and sensitive data. This rings especially true for small to medium sized businesses. Businesses of these sizes aren’t able to access or afford the type of protection that larger businesses can. Yet, even large corporations can still become victims of hacking. The way they can do it goes beyond just conventional thinking. Hackers are able to infiltrate your business phone system; wreaking havoc on your business in Tampa. In order to protect your business phone system and your overall business in Tampa, take a look at these three helpful tips:

Secure Voicemail Password
It’s not too difficult to be lazy and to choose a password that is easy to remember. But, that just makes it easier for people to hack your voicemail. Passwords are your first line of defense, and often a pretty good one. The first thing you should do is ensure that your code doesn’t resemble your phone number at all. Make it random and difficult, but don’t forget your passcode! Also, change your passcode every few months to keep your voicemail secure.

Call Forwarding & Limiting/Restricting International Calls
Be aware of what number you use for call forwarding. That is because if your call forwarding is linked to an international number, then you can become susceptible to hackers. Also, it’s important to ensure that you limit or restrict calls being made to international numbers, unless approved. These calls can easily rack up heavy costs and is actually one of the methods that hackers use to gain access to your phone system.

Lockout Feature for Your Business Phone System
It may seem trivial but it’s important to have a lockout feature for your voicemail. If someone is trying to gain access to your sensitive emails, then you want to limit the number of times they can access it. Hackers may try to gain access by using brute force. They will keep attempting to access your voicemail until they get the right code. So, restrict their ability to do this by limiting their login attempts. This feature can also notify you when someone is attempting to access your voicemail account.

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