Tampa Bay Fiber Provides Downtown Tampa with 5G Wireless Services

The Wells Fargo Building is the latest in PBX-Change’s Portfolio of Clients

Tampa, FL (March 12, 2019) – The Wells Fargo building in downtown Tampa has joined several others in the Tampa Bay area to utilize the 5G technology offered by PBX-Change. With the insight that Fixed 5G is the future of Internet offerings in the technology marketplace, Wells Fargo’s management group partnered with PBX-Change to provide a level of service that places themselves in the top tier of rental properties.

Tampa Bay Fiber, and parent company, PBX-Change, can provide a stable, 99.999% reliable high-speed fiber equivalent option for access to the Internet. Currently, this service is available to tenants in the SunTrust Financial Center, the GTE Financial Center, 100 North Tampa, Meridian I, II, and III, and Ybor City, now the Wells Fargo Building will be added to that list.

“Our customers complained about frequent Internet outages and a lack of choice of internet providers. Reliable Internet service has never been more critical to businesses because their telecommunications and network depend on reliable Internet service.  Let’s face it; it is how business gets done in the 21st-century,” said Bill Heinz, VP of Sales for PBX-Change.

PBX-Change has initiated, improved and developed the access to reliable high-speed Internet Service. By using Siklu carrier grade FCC licensed 80GHz mm-Wave equipment installed at multiple locations throughout Tampa Bay, businesses in the region are able to get service without bottlenecks or disruptions.

“What this means in layman’s terms, is that we offer the perfect solution because we can deliver the most reliable Internet services to businesses in downtown Tampa and Ybor City,” added Heinz.

PBX-Change was recently honored by the Downtown Partnership’s Urban Excellence Awards, which recognized PBX-Change for making a positive and significant technology contribution to downtown Tampa.

In addition to bringing this high-speed connection to several downtown Tampa towers, Tampa Bay Fiber built a highly-dependable, optimized network to deliver its cloud communication system. Their network connects directly to Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft 365, IBM, Oracle, Netflix, Hulu, Akamai, and many others. This direct connection results in the fastest internet experience for their clients. Unlike other carriers, Tampa Bay Fiber gets their clients closer to the content providers removing throttling and bottlenecks.


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