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Phone Peripherals

Choosing business phone peripherals for your Tampa business can be just important as the main phone line itself. Different type of options can increase ease of use and raise comfort levels. Deciding on what peripherals you need depends on the type of work one does or manner in which they do it. Business phones have different types of displays, headsets, and conferencing devices, so knowing what your business in Tampa needs can help you make the most informed decision on what is best for your company.

A headset for a business phone must be comfortable for the user, but how do you know if you would like a traditional wired headset or wireless headset? Corded headsets are designed to cater to a user’s comfort and allow for flexibility. These headsets typically come with noise-cancelling microphones and allow for clearer call quality. Wireless headsets are for those that like to stand, multitask, or just explore while making calls on their business phones. One major benefit to wireless headsets for your business in Tampa is that it makes your business phones mobile. This means that you can walk around and perform other functions up to 100 feet from your phone. Even when you are away from the phone base or your desk you can answer and hang up calls. With ever increasing technology, this means more wireless devices that need a signal to connect the device. Wireless headsets also have features that can block interference from other wireless devices.

Conference phones are exactly what they sound like: special phones used for conference meetings. Conference phones have larger, higher quality speakers because they need to project and be heard by an entire room. Not only is the speaker larger, but so is the microphone. These microphones have a 360-degree range that can pick up voices from anywhere in a room. Full-duplex phone technology allows a conversation to flow naturally over the phone. Instead of one person speaking and tying up the line, everyone can be heard when talking even if someone else is still speaking. The conference phones also include RCA jacks that can record a meeting, as well as, caller ID and call waiting.

Business phones are a huge part of growing and maintaining your business, so making sure you have the best phone and peripherals can ensure that your customers get the best service. With ever-changing technology and needs, there is something for businesses of every size with every type of need.


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