Looking for a phone and internet solution for your small business? Look no further than PBX-Change! Here at PBX-Change, we understand the challenges facing the small business, and we’re dedicated to making sure that you can realize your full potential without going over budget.

PBX-Change is a local, family-owned Internet and phone provider that services Tampa-area businesses. Specializing in voice and cloud services, we provide business communication services and support to local businesses with a need for the newest technology.

Because we remain a local company, you can rest assured that our company representatives understand your situation and can provide you with the best service. Rest assured knowing that we understand, and don’t just think of you as another number.

Here at PBX-Change, we are dedicated to providing our clients with Fortune 500 voice, data, and IT solutions while giving a dedicated customer service experience and old-fashioned integrity. Our team members are available to speak with you about designing a package that fits the needs of your small business, whether it be a dedicated in-house exchange or a cloud-based phone system, internet service, or a combination. Whatever you need, we’re sure to find a package to suit your needs.

Just because we’re local doesn’t mean we’re not dedicated to providing the best experience. Currently, PBX-Change is responsible for more than 3.5 million calls connected, and over 12 million minutes of monthly talk time. If you want reliability with a personal touch, look no further than PBX-Change.

PBX-Change offers cloud-based unified communications solutions. These solutions provide:

  • Easily scalable. Add more points of connection with the push of a button.
  • Low cost. Cloud-based systems have less ongoing maintenance and equipment, so your costs are lower.
  • No downtime. Reliability, plain and simple. Stay connected, even without power or Internet.

  • Increased collaboration. Multi-site solutions mean a unified communications network, regardless of location.
  • Flexibility. Make calls and manage your system from anywhere in the world at the push of a button.