PBX-Change Delivers Voice and Data Services in Record Time to Beach Community Bank

In July of 2018, Beach Community Bank opened a commercial branch in Tampa as part of a $100 million recapitalization strategy and was tasked with making the company profitable within six months. At the four-month mark, they succeed and haven’t looked back since.

Henry Gonzalez, area President at Beach Community Bank, credited a large part of the bank’s early success to PBX-Change, “PBX-Change made it possible for the Tampa branch to go operational in two-week time, all the other voice and data providers told us it would be at least 90 days turnaround time to build the network out. PBX-Change created a superior customized approach which allowed the bank’s data circuits to be up and running as quickly as possible. It gave us a great jump start and helped us reach profitability as quickly as we did.”

PBX-Change engineered a solution utilizing Siklu Ether-haul and Multi-haul products. Each location has a 1Gbps dual-use feed from one of PBX-Change’s Point of Presence. Each location has a symmetrical 1Gbps full-duplex link that can be utilized for both ultra-high-speed internet access, and/or an extremely low latency (1-3 millisecond) Virtual Private Link to the other Tampa office, without needing expensive and complicated VPN hardware that increases latency. This dual-use solution eliminated the need for the Beach Community Bank to wait months to install a costly MPLS circuit to connect locations.

“Our talented team at PBX-Change has the ability to comprehend, analyze and provide customized solutions, in this case with a very tight deployment timeline. We are thrilled to see Beach Community Bank thrive and help other small and medium-sized businesses reach their potential as well,” said Bill Heinz, Vice President of PBX-Change.

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Since our founding in 2001, Beach Community Bank has provided best-in-class relationship banking to individuals, business owners, and professionals throughout Northwest Florida. With 11 branch locations in Northwest Florida, a recently opened Tampa Bay Commercial Banking Office, and our $100 million capital raise, we are now even more uniquely positioned to assist our local businesses and communities. Beach Community Bank provides innovative business cash management products, expanded home mortgage product offerings, extensive business lending programs, and personal checking and money market accounts. For more information, please visit, https://www.beachcommunitybank.com.