PBX Call Center

Traditional call centers require a large up-front investment to setup, and often require dedicated support staff to provide ongoing service to their hardware, software, and the interface between the two. Cloud-based call center services, by contrast, are much easier to setup and maintain. Generally more software-based than hardware-intensive simply because they rely on your existing technology instead of proprietary hardware, our cloud-based call center solutions are not only more cost-effective, they’re also easier to use and require less employee training.

While using newer technology can sometimes be riskier, our cloud-based call center services remain just as secure as traditional call center technology, and provide the same benefits, if not more. With easy access to metrics, as well as call recording and monitoring, you can make sure that your agents are operating at peak efficiency. Don’t sacrifice service or reliability, maintain your ability to interface with your customers on a daily basis!

PBX-Change’s cloud-based call center service remains one of the easiest to use call center services on the market, and we’re dedicated to providing excellent service to not only find the best features for your business, but also to helping you make sure your call center runs the way it’s supposed to. Not only are our services easily set up, but we can provide fast and easy support for all of your phone service needs.

In addition to being on the cutting edge of technology, PBX-Change call center services provide truly unified communications. What this means for your business is that no matter whether your office has one location or several, no matter whether you have 5 employees or 500, you can make sure that all of your locations and employees are easily reachable and operating on the same basis of communication. Customers appreciate when you supply an easy, reliable way for them to reach you, so make sure you take the pain and hassle away from your day-to-day operations with unified communication.