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Referral Partnership:

PBX-Change provides a different level of service than you, or your customers, might be used to. We like to provide a ‘white glove treatment’ to our customers.

Benefits of partnering with PBX-Change:

  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Simple. You can provide us with a contact name and we will schedule a meeting, or you can control the process. Either way, it is your customer.
  • No quotas
  • 50% payment of first month’s service (voice services only)
  • 20% residual payments thereafter (voice services only)

We have very high standards with regard to the equipment we use and installation procedures. Our goal is to provide the best possible service, and voice quality, to our customers. In order to do this, we are sometimes not competitive with the DIY shops that mail phones for the customer to install on their own. We do a site survey, installations are performed by our professional installation team, and we provide on-site training (and on-going training if necessary). We pride ourselves on our ‘white glove treatment’ to our customers.

We prize our referral partners, and want to make them look GREAT to their customers. One of the ways we do this is always adhearing to our installation standards. We understand that an IT firm might want to control the data portion of the network and we accommodate this by using Proxy Arp. ( Essentially, this allows for our QOS router manage ALL network traffic, while allowing the data router to have a public static IP.

Why you should refer PBX-Change

  • Commissions – Our referral partners realize a dependable revenue stream for years
  • Credibility – We offer cutting edge technology and world class service – rest assured anyone you refer will be well taken care of.
  • Business Growth – With PBX-Change, your referrals’ satisfaction is key. We are constantly adding new services to enhance the speed and efficiency of business.

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