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Technology is advancing every day and, for a business, these tools are a crucial part of their ability to stay connected. A business can have satellite campuses, remote employees, and a presence in other countries. So, connectivity for your Tampa business phones, Internet, and other features is a must. There are tools in place that your company in Tampa can use to connect employees and relay information easily with business phones and web based applications. Whether you meet face-to-face or just show a simple slideshow, there are many options at a business’s disposal.

Video conferencing can mean something as simple as two parties sharing static images or slides, or can be full video of the individuals or rooms the meetings are taking place in. Small businesses can use consumer products line Skype, Google Hangouts, and Apple’s Facetime, all of which provide video sharing that can be used for meetings. These services, for example, are usually done through your Tampa company’s business phone system or desktop computer embedded with a camera. However, for a larger business that needs to utilize meeting rooms to go along with the video conferencing, video can usually be done with a laptop while the audio is picked up through a business phone microphone or accessory. Teleconferencing is a similar idea to video conferencing, just without the obvious component of video. Typically, this is a call between business phones or even mobile devices of 3 or more people.

A mix of these two could be a webinar. Webinars are teleconferences in which there is a presenter with a PowerPoint or video hosting a meeting. Webinars are facilitated through conferencing services and bridges for phone users. If you are a larger business, this means that a presenter can have a virtual “meeting room” in which employees or other invitees can join to see what is being taught or discussed. A business can incorporate new business practices, policies, or product learnings that employees from their desk at the office, home, and beyond can join.

As your company grows, so must your technology. With the addition of remote employees and more work-from-home options, businesses can now utilize their business phones and computers to conference in across the country. Want to learn more? Contact us today and learn how PBX- Change can help your business.

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