Multi site

PBX-Change offers fast, reliable, multi-site solutions for your small business. In today’s ever-changing business landscape, being able to present a unified front has never been more important. You need to be able to connect with your colleagues no matter where you are, or where they are. PBX-Change’s multi-site solutions are the answer.

Our multi-site solutions are cloud-based. What this means for you:

Make the world your office.

Connect to your business phone system through your smartphone.

More cost-effective

Cloud-based solutions help you save on your monthly phone bill, and are less expensive to install and maintain.

More advanced phone features

Get features like auto attendant, conference calling, extensions, and call monitoring and recording. Give big-business service without breaking the bank.

Seamless Communication.

Whether your coworker is in the next office over or across the globe, you’ll be
able to reach them reliably. No more phone tag!

Easy integration

No matter what systems you use, we can provide integration solutions to minimize the
need for new training.

Call analytics

Easily keep an eye on your phone service through our easy to use tools.

PBX-Change is a Tampa-based company that is dedicated to helping your business succeed, and multi- site solutions are a part of that. Designing a one-of- a-kind solution that fits your business needs is our top priority, and cloud-based phone service is key to that approach.

In today’s business climate, sticking with outdated phone technology can make the difference between retaining a client and losing them. Make sure that your phone service doesn’t lead to missed opportunities by making sure that you’re always reachable.

If you’re not sure that our multi-site approach is right for you, or if you just have questions, our friendly support staff are available to answer your questions. Give us a call to talk about your phone and internet services today!

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