Millennials are on their phones all day, but the interesting thing is that they don’t answer their phones when they receive a call. It’s already well-known that millennials are poised to take over as the biggest portion of the working population. However, the way they work and interact will shift the norms within the workplace. So, why do millennials ignore answering their phones and what does it mean for your business in Tampa and its phone service. Well, for someone to be on their phone all day only to ignore calls, it should be a concern for your phone service for your business in Tampa. But, keep in mind that it just means shifting on what your phone service can provide your employees in Tampa. Take a look at our quick guide below:

It seems that there is always some sort of article about millennials and how they are mystical figures that nobody can seem to understand, especially when it comes to technology and how they communicate. As the workforce shifts towards a larger portion of it being compromised of millennials, more and more businesses will have to adjust to how they operate. This includes how they communicate and why they ignore phone calls.

  1. Digital Environment
    Looking around, it isn’t too hard to find millennials glued to their phones. This isn’t because they lack social skills, but rather because they grew up around this technology. This generation grew up during a time where massive leaps were made in technology that was accomplished in such a short time. These changes were life changing and can be seen reflected today. Their main means of communication is through texting and social media. So, where does that leave good ol’ fashion phone calls?
  2. The Solution
    A lot of problems can be easily avoided by simply making a call. Also, millennials do still answer their phone. The problem is that they don’t like being surprised by phone calls. They want to know when the call is coming, ahead of time. Additionally, a lot of their communication comes through texting and social media. The times that they do answer their phones, it’s usually from telemarketers or other spam numbers. This helps develop an aversion to answering their phone. One of the best ways to combat this is to reach out to your millennial workers beforehand, informing them of an upcoming call. By sending an email before your call, you could prepare them and save yourself from being confronted by their voicemail greeting.

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