When running a small to medium sized business, it might take time to find what business phone system work most effectively and well priced for your business in Tampa. When it comes to your Tampa business phone system, the discussion is typically between a landline versus a VoIP. Landlines are the tried and true system while VoIP or Voice Over IP, is the lesser known, modern solution.

With landline connections to your business phone system in Tampa , you get excellent call quality and greater reliability in cases of power outages. Because they work via physical wiring, no high-speed Internet is needed and they can work in more remote locations. VoIP, however, requires a stable Internet connection, but is much more feature-rich than landlines, boasting such things as call forwarding, conferencing, and hold music. A mobile business phone, desk phone, or computer can all make and receive calls because of VoIP capabilities.

When making this choice for your business, you’ll have to decide if the more reliable landline or the ever-improving technology of VoIP calling is right for you. The factor that will most likely tip the scale is price; it would be reasonable to think that the more advanced solution is also costlier, but that isn’t always the case. VoIP services are usually 40-80% cheaper than traditional landlines. The reason for that is landlines use a PBX (private branch exchange) system that has hardware boxes that can cost thousands of dollars, on top of regular maintenance. VoIP allows small to medium sized businesses to only enable the number of lines they need at the time, and expansion is easily implemented because the system can be used over the internet.

VoIP offers a plethora of features and injects mobility, flexibility, and accessibility into a business all at a lower cost than outdated landlines. As technology continues to develop, so will VoIP and all it can provide to your small business. If you’re interested in learning more, contact PBX-Change today!