It’s no secret that weather can have an impact on traditional landline phone services. These services are based on an existing infrastructure that can go down in adverse weather. Because of the way it operates, your Tampa-based business phone service will be much more reliable when it’s using VoIP technology. Weather can inflict damage to your business, whether it’s from actual damage to the location, displacing staff, or damaging equipment, VoIP can help your business to continue operation because of the technology behind it.

It’s hard to say that VoIP can be implemented the same way across the board. When it comes down to it, replacing an existing business phone service will be different for every company in Tampa, and will be based on things like budget and what’s already in place. What can be said, however, is that VoIP is versatile enough that just about any business can benefit from it. For example, in the case where a main office is affected by a natural disaster, VoIP services can easily be rerouted to locations that remain unaffected, or are affected in less drastic ways. If your office in Tampa already supports telecommuting employees, then you already have a leg up should the worst happen to your business phone system.

While physical hardware can be a critical point of contact for emergencies like natural disasters or even focused cyberattacks, many VoIP providers offer redundant services in the form of cloud-based phone service, which allows for your business to continue operating in times of crisis. System backups and formal, tested plans can be quite expensive to setup and maintain over time, so such a service can be invaluable to a business whose livelihood rests in being able to stay in contact with their customers.

While no phone service is going to be perfect for every business in Tampa, switching to a VoIP provider offers a lot of benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you’re a small business, this can be a cost-effective way to make sure that you’re able to stay in contact with your customer base, even when the worst happens. Make your business more reliable by putting your trust in a reliable phone service.


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