Unfortunately, worrying about hacking has become an all too real problem. With how much of our lives and business we store on our computers and business phones, wireless security is an absolute must, especially for your  business in Tampa. Still, nothing is perfect and we all run the risk of being hacked, especially as a business grows, so proper precautions must be taken, and warning signs should be noted. If your company in Tampa has its business phones and computers hacked, watching for clues and acting fast can save personal and business information from getting into the wrong hands.

Check Usage

If you suspect your computer system has been hacked, check the usage of the computer. If you have no programs running but your computer shows the CPU is running at a high percentage, this can be a huge indicator. This may mean that someone has hacked your business in Tampa by gaining access to your business phones and computers and is running it from a secondary location. You also want to check if any unfamiliar programs have been added to the computer. This may be something like a Trojan that was installed by the hacker or some type of malware that you clearly didn’t install.


One easy indicator that you may have been hacked is spam. Have friends, family members, or clients noted that they have received a suspicious email from you? This is a tool often used by hackers to attack even more computers by emailing unsuspecting people close to you. If you see spam has been sent, notify anyone you can not to open it in order to prevent it from spreading. Change any passwords you can to keep hackers out of your email and your accounts safe.

Antivirus Software

Hopefully, you already have some kind of antivirus or anti-malware software installed on your computer, which runs frequent checks of your computer. These programs alert you when something suspicious is trying to gain access to your system. If you notice that any of this preventative software has been disabled, this is an indicator that you may have been hacked. Hackers don’t want software that is checking for their presence, so disabling this means they can move about your system virtually undetected.

There is no single way to determine if your phone and computer systems have been hacked, but always be on alert for signs. Someone is always looking for information to steal, and you don’t want your home or business to be next. Take precautions to protect yourself with the right software and complicated passwords so you can try and always be one step ahead.