How to Revive Leads

//How to Revive Leads

How to Revive Leads

If you work in sales whether it be in Tampa or Clearwater, you know that a business phone call can be going great one minute, and fall apart the next. Losing a potential sale can happen in a matter of minutes, and sometimes you can’t even determine where you went wrong. Your Tampa business phone sales calls can be frustrating: investing your time and resources only to be left high and dry. But dead leads don’t have to stay dead if you know how to leverage your company and its services.

Discuss Updates/Improvements
Let’s say your Tampa business phone service went cold a few months back, and since then your company has new features that might entice a potential customer. Call back these leads and highlight anything new that you can offer them. Perhaps you are running promotional pricing or you offer new services; either way, this can bring a dead lead back to life.

Make New Contacts
If your original lead was interested initially, this might suggest that the customer could be interested in the opportunity. If working with a company, try and find other contacts that have similar functions that you could speak too. Once you make a connection, mention that you’ve had business phone calls with other company members to try and spark a connection.

Turn the Tables
When trying to revive a cold lead, try a new tactic; make it all about them. Rather than touting your company’s services, give their business credit. Reach out when you see positive news about their business so you remain fresh in their minds. A short email or voicemail can show that you genuinely care about them as a company, versus a bottom line.

Having the best tools and the best team can help your company grow leads from cold calls to strong relationships. If you’re struggling to keep leads hot, try some of our tips to revive opportunities. If you’re making frequent outbound calls, consider upgrading your phone and Internet services so you can compete with the best in the business. Want to learn more? Contact us today and learn how PBX- Change can help your business.

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