How to Make Calls in a Loud Office

//How to Make Calls in a Loud Office

How to Make Calls in a Loud Office

Today’s offices are becoming more and more about collaborative spaces; getting rid of the cubicles and adding open space offices or rows of connected desks. While this can certainly promote creativity and collaboration, it can create loud office spaces that are not exactly conducive to making business phone calls for your Tampa business. The last thing you want is for your customer to hear your coworkers discussing last nights’ dinner or an annoying call they had that morning. A loud Tampa office can quickly turn a business call into a customer satisfaction issue, which could spell disaster for your company.

For larger companies, it is always recommended to provide a quiet space for those high priority calls. Enclosed, quiet rooms where staff members can make business calls uninterrupted can provide a better work environment and help the customer have a better phone call experience with your staff. If this is not an option for your Tampa business, then seek out business phone service peripherals that are great for noise cancellation. Much like noise cancelling headphones, there are options for your phone that can help reduce unwanted noise; if you typically use a traditional cord phone, look into a headset that has a strong microphone and cushioned earpieces. They also have wireless headsets that have a headphone on each ear rather than just one, which can also help you hear your customer better.

Many companies recommend using white noise machines to help with call quality in loud offices. It seems counterproductive to add more noise when the problem is a noisy office, but it has been proven that white noise can blur out the sounds of individual conversations or voices, and can even sound like an air conditioner. This will help prevent customers from hearing specific background noise and provide a better call experience.

A loud office is sometimes unavoidable; with multiple employees on phone calls with customers, you are bound to hear background noise on a daily basis. By taking a few steps to provide better call quality to customers, you will help ensure that they will never notice how loud the office is. If you are interested in upgrading your phone system or offerings, call us today at PBX-Change.

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