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When it comes to your small business, one of the most important things is the ability for your customers to be able to reach you. In fact, this is probably the most important thing. After all, what is a small business without its customers? So, it follows then that the most important thing to decide on when you’re starting is how to set up your business phone service for your company in Tampa. But how do you go about choosing the best business phone service for your company in Tampa? We’ll give you a few ideas about what to keep in mind.

One of the first things to think about when choosing a business phone service for your company in Tampa is to think about what kind of phone service is going to be most useful for your business. The choices basically boil down to a landline phone service, a cellular phone service, a self-hosted VoIP service, a cloud-based VoIP service, and a virtual phone service. While there are benefits to each system, such as reliability in a landline and mobility in a cell phone, the deciding factor in which system will be best is often how much time your employees spend away from the office. No matter the advantages and drawbacks, though, a good, flexible option for a phone service can be switching to a VoIP system, as this uses a reliable internet connection and your business’s existing network to send and receive calls. With internet speeds on the rise, choosing a business phone service company that can provide the reliability and quality of a landline with added flexibility is a must.

Other factors that might influence what you choose as your phone service can be what kind of actual phones you need, as in the handset, and what kinds of features you’re looking for. As we stated before, a big advantage to using something like a VoIP service is the flexibility of the system. Of course, a system like this not only offers traditional desk phones, with features like voicemail, call conferencing, call waiting, caller ID, and the like, but increasingly the smartphone is becoming more and more able to be integrated into your VoIP service. If your company has company-issued cell phones, you might consider finding a way to increase their utility by integrating them into your office phone service.

No matter what kind of phone service company you choose, there are going to be advantages and drawbacks. When considering your options, be sure to carefully weigh what’s important to your business. It can be a detrimental blow to a small business to select the wrong phone service when you’re starting out.


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