Etiquette for Your Business Phone

//Etiquette for Your Business Phone

Etiquette for Your Business Phone

Talking on the phone is not necessarily something everyone loves to do. For those that are less than comfortable on the phone, learning strong business phone etiquette for your Tampa business can make you and your customer more relaxed and provide a better customer experience. Your call time is precious, and you have such a limited amount of time to make an impression on each customer. Remember, often times your call is their first interaction with your company.

First and foremost, your Tampa employees should be answering each business phone call with the same level of importance. Each customer is a crucial part of your business, and should be treated with respect. Speak clearly into the phone and answer with a polite and to the point greeting. Employees should be speaking slowly and directly into the phone so each customer can hear and understand what is being said; this can avoid confusion and keep business phone calls shorter and to the point. We also recommend getting their name and using it in conversation to personalize each customer’s experience with your staff. These subtle changes can make your Tampa business phone calls be more effective. 

While having a good personality on the phone is extremely important for business phone calls, knowing how to operate your phone is also a priority. Train your staff on transferring calls, putting customers on hold, answering calls on multiple lines, and any other features used at your company. This will avoid awkward situations and should reduce the possibility of things like dropped calls or poor call quality. For larger companies that use a comprehensive phone system, there can be many buttons and features on these phones that can be confusing and provide a poor call experience if not used properly.

Business phone calls can be the lifeblood of your company if handled correctly. Train your staff on the best practices for speaking with customers and using their phones to your company can provide excellent customer service to each person who they interact with. Looking to upgrade your Tampa business phone service? Call PBX-Change today!

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