Ethernet vs WiFi

//Ethernet vs WiFi

Ethernet vs WiFi

Depending on how old you are, you may remember the days of dial-up internet, where your computer was hard wired to a phone line in order to connect to the Internet. Today, technology has propelled us forward to the age of business smartphones that can connect wirelessly to the Internet from around the globe. This remarkable feat has really turned your small business in Tampa to a global business, thanks in part to business phone upgrades. Business phones and cell phones give us, and your business in Tampa, the ability to be mobile. But for our computers you may be deciding between an Ethernet cable or a WiFi connection.

For those that are WiFi users, you likely appreciate the mobility. While it has been proven that Ethernet connection is typically faster, with new technology, routers are becoming faster than ever before. One huge draw to Wifi is the fact that you can connect multiple devices, something that has become important in this day and age. Your cell phone, business phones, laptops, tablets, and more can seamlessly connect making Wifi an appealing option for your business in Tampa if you don’t plan on being tied to a desk. This also means you can share your connection with visitors, an appealing feature for businesses with traveling staff or frequent guests.

Ethernet cables
An Ethernet cable provides you a strong, reliable connection to the Internet. For those small businesses that want this guaranteed, often high-speed Internet, an Ethernet connection might be right for you. This is also a popular option for “gamers” that need seamless streamed internet without interruption. Many also prefer Ethernet connection as it is harder to hack; since hackers would need access to the cable itself, this helps keep you protected. It also has the advantage of being strong throughout whereas WiFi could have dead-zone areas.

The debate over WiFi versus Ethernet will likely continue, but both have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on your needs. Whether you work from home or have an office, choosing the best option for your company will help you provide strong customer service and grow your business. Want to learn more? Contact PBX-Change today!


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