Today we expect or strive for convenience. Most places we go to have Wi-Fi available to everyone. This also translates over into the business world as well. Many businesses, including yours in Tampa, look to have high speed internet. The trend seems to be towards wireless high speed internet. This means that there won’t be any need for Ethernet cables and that your workforce can access the internet from anywhere. However, your business in Tampa needs high speed internet in order to work. So, before you swear off Ethernet cables, let’s take a look at why they are still important.

1. Speed
Wireless internet is pretty fast today. But, sometimes other frequencies and signals can interfere with your wireless internet. If your business in Tampa requires high speed internet, then it’s always a safe bet to have a hardwire connection. That way you can still have wireless internet but also have critical systems directly connected.

2. Security
There are security features for wireless internet. But, there are fewer risks when using an Ethernet cable. This is because it’s easier to hack wireless signals since the information is being transmitted over the open air. Information traveling along a cable is a bit more difficult to hack.

3. Cost
If your business is using older computers, then wireless internet upgrades might cost more than using an Ethernet cable. It could be easier and cheaper to just hardwire all your older tech since buying wireless adapters for all of them could get pricey. However, it does depend on your business needs and what makes the most sense for your business.

4. Disconnect
Ethernet cables have the benefit of being a direct connection. That means the chances of being disconnected or losing internet is pretty slim, unless there is a larger issue at hand. Wireless connections on the other hand are more prone to dropping or being disconnected. Sometimes computers even have issues where they turn off their wireless adapter. Having this kind of downtime can hurt your business in the long run if it happens frequently.

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