Easy Steps to Boost Your Security for Business Phones

//Easy Steps to Boost Your Security for Business Phones

Easy Steps to Boost Your Security for Business Phones

We always take every precaution possible to protect our private information; from password protecting devices to using a safe for important documents. Taking care of your privacy is important for all aspects of life, but what about those areas we take for granted? Protecting your business phone system for your business in Tampa is just as important as protecting your personal cell phone or computer. What steps can you take to protect and secure your Tampa based company’s business phone?

Incorporating mobile safety features like two-factor authentication and encryption to your Tampa business’s phone system can ensure that if a business phone is ever lost or stolen, your device, and any potential private information, cannot be breached. This also defends your business phones against hackers that prey on open Wi-Fi networks. Often times, these sorts of features keep hackers out entirely, but if there is ever a lapse in security, this ensures that your devices can be remotely wiped.

Requiring your employees to create strong passwords for their business devices they carry is a seemingly small, but critical step. Strong passwords should require 8 or more characters, upper case and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Set up password settings that force password resets every 30-60 days to keep your business and its employees safe.

The last major step that should be taken to help secure your business phones is thorough training of employees. They should be properly trained on the risks and dangers of what can happen when a device is breached and information is stolen. Business phone users need to be especially careful using unknown Wi-Fi networks, their surroundings and who can view their device while doing things like logging in to access private information. Mobile security products can be purchased to keep business phones and mobile devices safe, but the most affordable means of protection is properly trained users. The safety of your business phones starts with you and your staff.

Taking the right steps to protect your company means you can worry less and focus on providing your customers with top-north service. Here at PBX-Change, we specialize in business phone and Internet services; call us today to discuss the options we can provide your company for fast, reliable solutions.


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