“The single biggest benefit to our company has been the ability to conduct business and stay in touch with our clients seamlessly. We had only recently changed our provider to PBX-Change when COVID-19 forced us to work from home. Had that change not happened, we would have been unable to run our office. In just a few hours, we were all off-site, doing business as if we were in our office.”

“What PBX-Change does better than other providers is the exceptional customer service. Any time we have a question or concern it is quickly answered. There are no long waits on hold or being transferred to multiple departments for a simple answer. Based on our experience from the sales process to install to daily operations, we would choose PBX-Change again, given the choice.”

Kathryn Barry, Marketing and Client Services Manager


Phone/voice services

Sandler Training, a sales training and professional development businessKathryn Barry, Marketing and Client Services Manager

“If we had not had the assistance from PBX-Change to complete our transition from an ancient, self-managed phone system to a cloud-based system before Covid and remote working became a thing, our company would be having all sorts of issues. They have taken care of everything we have asked for and more, with no complaints. PBX-Change was the only one who actually listened to what we needed and offered us an appropriate quote for our requests. Other providers were giving us astronomical quotes that were leagues above the requirements we have.

“PBX-Change is one of the best local businesses I have worked with in 11 years of being a Systems Administrator. My users are always satisfied with the turnaround time of any support requests. Thanks for letting this medium sized IT business share some of its workload.”

Christopher Rivera, Systems Administrator


Phone/voice services

Technology Transfer Services, a technology training, maintenance and operations businessChristopher Rivera, Systems Administrator

“We have used other companies for our VOIP service and not had any good experiences. Phones would crash, we were forced to purchase equipment to set up the system but the company would not back it up. It would take days for them to get back to us. Now, we have endless options to configure our phone system to fit our needs. The service plans, call flow options, customer service and equipment are all backed up by PBX-Change and they do a wonderful job. If we need help setting any options or converting call flow, whether it be temporary or permanent, they are always more than happy to make sure that is accomplished in a timely manner. Onsite training is provided, all phones were pre-programmed so that we didn’t have to do a single thing except set our voicemail.

Very rarely do we have an issue. But any time that happens, we call or email and without fail we immediately have a fix. This is huge for our business, as we cannot afford to be down at any time.  Thanks to PBX-Change we have that peace of mind. An all-round great company, I would recommend them to anyone choosing to migrate to a new reliable phone system.”

Miriam Henriquez, Secretary


Phone/voice services

Suncoast Power Solutions, alternative energy providers and electrical contractorsMiriam Henriquez, Secretary

“I have used PBX-Change since 2012 and have experienced only excellence with their services and systems. The customer service is very empathetic, professional and friendly, as is maintenance, troubleshooting and support communication. A dedicated team of specialists ensure that everything keeps working and running smoothly. The benefits are ease of deployment and administration, which saves money each month. And we can still function while mobile in emergency situations such as pandemics or hurricanes, or just for convenience.”

Eric Wehrhahn, Senior Network Administrator


Phone/voice and call center services, network design

BenefitHub, employee rewards and benefits businessEric Wehrhahn, Senior Network Administrator

“Price was the first and very obvious benefit when we chose PBX-Change over Spectrum and Frontier. Customer service and extremely quick response time set them far above others in the industry. The mobile app allows us to work from home while nothing changes on our clients’ side – no different numbers to call, no weird caller ID, and we get to keep our cell phone numbers private.”

Leann Buzbee Leslie, Funding Manager


Phone/voice services

American Guardian Title, title insurance agentsLeann Buzbee Leslie, Fundings Manaager

“I would recommend the switch. We haven’t had any downtime in our phone service. Their customer service has been impeccable.  Any issues we have they are able to handle immediately.  Having the reliability of your company is of the utmost importance to us.”

Stacey A. Kemp, Partner


Phone/voice services

Kemp, Ruge & Green Law Group, personal injury attorneysStacey A. Kemp, Partner

“It is refreshing to talk to the same people in service or accounts payable.  Service calls are always handled efficiently and in a timely manner. Everyone at PBX-Change was very helpful, professional and supportive when we moved to our current address in March 2017. We have been with PBX-Change for over 10 years and wouldn’t even think about switching.”

Regina Gancar, Office Manager


Phone/voice services

Rolley Engineering Inc., a consulting electrical engineering firmRegina Gancar, Office Manager